Pharmacy Student Investment Fund

The mission of the Pharmacy Student Investment Fund (FIEP) is to improve the learning environment and tools the faculty provides to students. The fund supports projects that:

  • Improve educational activities
  • Allow for the purchase of IT and laboratory equipment
  • Expand the library’s pharmacy collections

Voluntary donations from students and contributions from the faculty, the University, and Fondation de l’Université Laval support the fund.

Thanks to the FIEP, students are directly involved in decisions on how the faculty invests in education and in helping create a better learning environment.

Breakdown of FIEP contributions (by semester)

FIEP is all about partnership. When a student enrolls in a full-time semester, FIEP contributions break down as follows: $15 from the student, $20 from Fondation de l’Université Laval, $15 from the University, and $5 from the faculty.

That’s a total of $55 paid in to the FIEP per semester for each full-time student.

Donations are also solicited from alumni, partners, and the general public. For more information, contact the office of the FIEP Board of Directors at

To make a donation, visit the FIEP page on the Fondation de l’Université Laval website.

Applying for FIEP funds

All faculty members (staff and students) can apply for FIEP funding. See the application form (PDF - in French only) for instructions and deadlines.

The next application deadline is March 8, 2020.

See the FIEP financial statements to learn about all projects funded.

Financial statements

Statements for prior years are available upon request by emailing

Health Sciences Committee

FIEP funds are managed by the Health Sciences Committee (CSS) (in French only). Other student investment funds under the responsibility of the CSS are the Faculty of Medicine Student Investment Fund (FIEM) and the Faculty of Nursing Student Investment Fund (FIESI).

Each faculty-specific fund contributes based on the number of students. Funding requests for projects that benefit all three faculties can be submitted to the CSS by a representative from any of the three.