Without a doubt, the Faculty of Pharmacy’s top priorities are to develop and gain visibility for research. The faculty now has 30 professors and is known provincially, nationally, and internationally for its many scientific breakthroughs and impressive number of grants. Be a part of exciting research projects, learn from expert professors, and become an innovative practitioner or a qualified researcher in pharmaceutical sciences.

Research at the faculty

Alongside teaching, research is one of the faculty’s primary missions. In recent years the faculty has made a name for itself in the field of pharmaceutical sciences thanks to:

  • The arrival of new professors  
  • A new basic research development plan
  • More funding
  • The drive and dedication of its researchers and graduate students
  • What’s new in research

Pharmacy and pharmaceutical research

Dr. Chantal Guillemette talks about the fabulous world of research.

Preparing for a career in research

Graduate students talk about their experiences as researchers in training.

Dr. Frédéric Picard’s lab

Dr. Frédéric Picard gives a tour of his lab, where researchers are studying metabolic aging.

Dr. Denis Soulet’s lab

Dr. Denis Soulet gives a tour of his lab, where researchers are studying neurogastroenterology.