Undergraduate summer research internships

Are you an inquisitive type, looking to learn more about medications or pharmaceutical research? Are you ready to push the boundaries of science and help find new ways to treat illnesses or minimize symptoms?

Satisfy your curiosity with a summer research internship in a Faculty of Pharmacy professor’s laboratory.





Summer research internship scholarships

Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Have a GPA of at least 3 out of 4.33 or equivalent
  • Agree to present a poster on Research Day in the year following their internship
  • Apply for an internship in a research centre at Université Laval or in a hospital pharmacy department, under the supervision of a Faculty of Pharmacy research professor
  • Have already found an internship supervisor

Additional criteria depending on the applicant’s place of study when the scholarship is awarded

Université Laval applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program at Université Laval
  • Register for course PHA-2799 Pharmaceutical Sciences Summer Research Internship (0-credit class = no tuition fees) or PHA-3110 Research Internship II (3 credits)

Applicants from other Québec universities must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program at their university
  • Provide proof of insurance from their university before they start the internship

International applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program at their university
  • Be admitted to the EVC-SV Research Internship Program at Université Laval
  • Register for course xxx-988 (0-credit course = no tuition fees) at Université Laval

Note: PharmD students enrolled in the Research Profile have priority for summer research internship scholarships (maximum four; to be considered enrolled in the Research Profile, student must be taking or have completed PHA-1151 Introduction to Research).

Scholarship duration

  • PharmD: 6 or 8 weeks
  • Other programs: 12 or 16 weeks

Scholarship amount


  • 6 weeks = $2,750
  • 8 weeks = $3,666

Other programs:

  • $4,000 (Top-ups may be available. To be discussed with the researcher) 


  • Faculty of Pharmacy Teaching and Research Fund (FER)
  • NSERC 

The number of available scholarships and their sources vary from year to year.

Assessment criteria

Academic record (45 points)

  • Transcript
  • Scholarships and distinctions

Motivation and experience (45 points)

  • Motivation and expression of interest
  • Scientific contribution
  • Experience in research or other areas

French proficiency (10 points)

  • Strong French writing skills (spelling and syntax)

For more information about summer research internship scholarships, email etudessuperieures@pha.ulaval.ca

Research Profile

In the Research Profile, undergraduate pharmacy degree students learn about science literacy and research in the pharmaceutical field throughout their program. Learn more!

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