Research chairs

Canada Research Chair in Pharmacogenomics

The Canada Research Chair in Pharmacogenomics studies the genomic mechanisms that determine how individuals respond to medications. The three long-terms objectives are to:

  • Determine the genetic markers that maximize our response to medications while minimizing the side effects associated with certain cancer pharmacotherapies
  • Identify the genetic or biochemical biomarkers that could quickly pinpoint cancer and those patients who have the highest cancer risk
  • Develop a better understanding of the functions and effects of genomic variations


Chantal Guillemette

Familiprix Educational Leadership Chair

The chair’s mission is to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical practice by offering innovative educational activities that will strengthen and maintain the skills of pharmacy students and pharmacists to ensure citizens receive quality health care.

The chair’s objectives are to:

  • Make Université Laval a centre of excellence for pharmacy education by bringing industry experts on board as instructors at the Faculty of Pharmacy
  •  Execute innovative educational projects to develop the professional skills needed for the new realities of the pharmacy profession
  • Produce and disseminate knowledge in community pharmacy education to promote the Faculty of Pharmacy and the profession of pharmacists in Canada and abroad

See a full description of the chair (in French only)