Apprentiss Centre: Learning through simulation

The Apprentiss Centre is a vast hub of simulation-based learning. Here students are immersed in settings that recreate various clinical environments.

Instruction through simulation activities has many advantages:

  • Experimentation and pharmacy practice in a safe environment that mimics a clinical setting
  • A better understanding of each person’s roles and responsibilities
  • Transfer of academic expertise though patient-centred simulation
  • Participation in the advancement of research in the academic aspect of health sciences and related disciplines
  • Development of the interpersonal skills needed for teamwork
  • A solid foundation for students before they embark on an internship
  • Less pressure on clinical facilities that host interns

The Faculty of Pharmacy’s Apprentiss Centre has three high-tech pharmacies.

Experimentation laboratory

The experimentation laboratory teaches undergraduate pharmacy degree students about non-sterile magistral preparations. Here students can also study the physicochemical characteristics of medications by handling various pharmaceutical forms.

Pharmacy practice laboratory

For the duration of their program, students can learn through simulations of pharmacy practice situations recreated in the faculty’s new laboratory with 10 fully equipped stations. These facilities, the first of their kind in Québec, teach students what to expect once they enter the profession.

Sterile products laboratory

The clean room has eight sterile hoods, six of which are biological, and meets all quality standards for the industry. Pharmacists and pharmacy technical assistants can be trained and certified here for the preparation of sterile products.