Faculty Circle conference scholarships

Faculty Circle conference scholarships support graduate students in the Université Laval Faculty of Pharmacy who wish to present their results (orally or in writing) at conferences in Canada or abroad. The program also boosts the Faculty of Pharmacy’s visibility on the national and international stage.

Two competitive scholarships of $1,000 each round (four scholarships per year) are awarded to students based on the strength of their applications. The funds help students offset the cost of presenting their work at a national or international conference (registration fees, transportation, accommodation and other expenses). Research supervisors must undertake to reimburse the remaining costs.

Students can apply during the two scholarship rounds held each year in April and October to coincide with the application periods for the faculty’s Teaching and Research Fund (FER) competitive scholarships:

April 30 for conferences between July 1 and December 31

October 31 for conferences between January 1 and June 30

Students can recevie a conference scholarship once during their master’s and twice during their PhD.

Eligibility criteria

Students must:

– Be enrolled in a full-time master’s or PhD program in pharmaceutical sciences or pharmaceutical sciences/pharmacoepidemiology in the Université Laval Faculty of Pharmacy for the semester in which they are applying and when the conference will take place

– Be the lead author of the presentation (oral or poster)

– Not be the recipient of a scholarship that provides more than $2,000 in financial aid for conferences (e.g., CIHR, Vanier scholarships).

– Not have already received a scholarship in previous rounds

– Promote the Faculty of Pharmacy as follows:

  • The student’s affiliation must be clearly shown as “Université Laval Faculty of Pharmacy” (abstract and poster or title page for an oral presentation).
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy logo must be clearly visible on the upper part of the poster or on the title and acknowledgement pages of an oral presentation.

– Email their complete application by 11:59 p.m. on the April 30 and October 31 deadlines to etudessuperieures@pha.ulaval.ca


Required documents

– A letter of interest (one page maximum) to support their application, including what they want to accomplish at the conference, how it aligns with their academic path, and why this particular conference is important

– A CV (two pages maximum), including university education, GPA, scholarships and awards received (with amounts and duration), and achievements (publications and conference presentations)

– An abstract as submitted for the conference and approved by their research supervisor

– If possible, proof that the abstract has been accepted for publication, specifying oral presentation or poster

– Provisional budget (transportation, registration, accommodation, meals, etc.)

– A copy of the preliminary conference program

– A letter of support from the student’s research supervisor including confirmation of the arrangement for reimbursing the rest of the cost (not covered by the faculty), signed by both parties (student and researcher)


Email a complete application by 11:59 p.m. on the April 30 and October 31 deadlines to etudessuperieures@pha.ulaval.ca


Scholarship payments

Scholarship payments of $1,000 (or two payments of $500: one when the abstract is accepted and the second when the student returns from the conference) are issued when successful applicants have proof that their abstract was accepted. A certificate of participation, proof of payment for transportation (airline or train ticket), the final conference program, and the final version of the presentation must be emailed to etudessuperieures@pha.ulaval.ca within two weeks of the event. If any of the above requirements are not met, the student must repay the entire scholarship.

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed by the FER Scientific Committee.


Scale of the conference (10 points)

Presentation – oral or poster (10 points)

Previous awards, scholarships, and internships (amounts/length)  (10 points)

Publications and conference presentations (10 points)

Applicant’s motivation (what they want to accomplish and why this conference is important for their progression) (50 points)

Letter of support from their research supervisor  (10 points)