Become a pharmacist

Pharmacists are experts in medications. They play a central role in the healthcare system by making sure people use medications correctly and effectively.

Become pharmacist with an undergraduate pharmacy degree

The undergraduate pharmacy degree at Université Laval is a limited enrolment program that accepts 192 students per year, in fall only. It leads to the professional title of pharmacist. With this comprehensive program, you’ll:

  • Develop the professional skills you need to become a pharmacist
  • Prepare to enter the workforce, starting in your first year, thanks to a workplace training program that is built in to the program
  • Be taught by professors who are tuned in to what students need

The Faculty of Pharmacy also offers a variety of supervision options to help you progress and succeed at university.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy, our study profiles and exchange and international mobility programs offer a choice of tracks that will add value to your degree and help you better prepare for the labour market.

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What do pharmacists do?

In their day-to-day work, pharmacists:

  • Meet patients’ healthcare needs by providing individualized and high-quality pharmaceutical care and services
  • Follow up with patients to make sure they are using their prescribed treatments safely and effectively
  • Examine patient records to check that all the medications patients take, with or without a prescription, are suitable for their condition (correct dosage, right product, drug interactions, etc.)
  • Advise patients and other healthcare professionals on the best use of medications for prevention, treatment, or healing
  • Prescribe emergency oral contraceptives and initiate treatments for certain minor ailments
  • Promote healthy habits to prevent illness

Pharmacists must have at least four years of university education. All qualified pharmacists must become members of Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec and comply with the Code of ethics of pharmacists and all laws and regulations governing pharmacy practice.

What is pharmaceutical care?

Pharmaceutical care is the cornerstone of pharmacy practice in Québec. Pharmacists provide this type of care by assessing the suitability, effectiveness, and safety of their patients’ medications. Their assessment is based on a personalized approach tailored to the individual needs of each patient.