Pharmacy: A world of opportunities

Pharmacy offers myriad career options in a broad range of settings.

Pharmacists with an undergraduate pharmacy degree can work in a community setting (a neighbourhood, retail, or clinic pharmacy, in a rural area or a big city) or in a related field, such as the pharmaceutical industry (company that develops medications and pharmaceutical products), the public sector (federal or provincial government compliance oversight agency, ministry, etc.), or education.

Pharmacists who continue their studies with a Master’s in Advanced Pharmacotherapy (in French only)  can work in a variety of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, CLSCs, outpatient clinics, shelters and residential facilities, family medicine clinics, and health and social services centres.

Our graduate programs also open the door to the world of research

Watch our videos (in French only) to learn more about the range of possibilities!

Pharmacy in the community

Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, community pharmacists are frontline healthcare providers for the general public. They use their skills and judgment as medication experts to make sure patients have the best, most effective, and most suitable treatment. (Video in French only)

Fields related to pharmacy

Pharmacists can work in less traditional settings that also serve the community. They can use their knowledge and professional judgment to expand the visibility and reach of the pharmacy profession by working in a government organization, a ministry, a pharmaceutical company, or a school developing the next generation of pharmacists. (Video in French only)

Pharmacy in a healthcare facility

Pharmacists with a Master’s in Advanced Pharmacotherapy are qualified to work in the pharmacy department at a healthcare facility and be part of the care team. As medication experts, they make sure their patients have the best, most effective, and most suitable option for their often complex treatment plan. Healthcare facility pharmacists can specialize in a particular field (oncology, pediatrics, etc.); share their knowledge with interns, residents, and other healthcare professionals; or manage a department or a team. (Video in French only)

Pharmacy research

Pharmacy researchers work in cutting-edge fields including fundamental and translational research, clinical pharmacy, and population health. Career prospects for someone with a graduate degree in a field related to pharmacy research are many and varied. The pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology sector, and public service offer numerous opportunities and exciting challenges. (Video in French only)